Online Quran classes for beginners

10 practical outcomes of Online Quran classes for beginners

10 practical outcomes of Online Quran classes for beginners,

Ibn Masud (RA) narrates that the Prophet (SAW) said:

 ‘Whoever reads one letter of the Book (Quran), is credited with one blessing and one blessing is equals to tenfold in its reward…..’ 

We as Muslims pay great attention to our sacred book and its learning because of the rewards it holds and the responsibility it puts on us. As technology has advanced, we have witnessed that learning anything at all has become super easy. Be it a Quran class for beginners or adults, or any language.

Today, we will discuss 10 practical outcomes of online Quran classes for beginners that can pave the path for believers to get motivated. It doesn’t matter at what age you start learning Quran, what matters is your pure intention, your objective, and the outcomes of that learning.

  1. To stay connected to Quran, even a little bit!

The first and the foremost outcome of online Quran classes is that it keeps you connected to the book of Allah. Whether you give it a minute or an hour, it will envelop you in its Divine blessings and make understanding and learning easy.

  1. To learn Arabic letters, their shape, and their pronunciation.

For beginners to start any language, it is essential to know the total number of alphabets that language comprises. Online Quran learning for beginners have a clear outcome regarding the Arabic letters, their shapes to identify them, and their pronunciation.

Unlike other languages, Arabic emphasizes the correct utterance of each letter as there are some letters with a similar sound.

  1. To learn the sounds with the rules.

Another practical outcome of learning the Quran online for beginners is that you can learn the sounds of the letters with the rules that are attached to them. The teachers make the rules of movement easily applicable for the starters so that they can practice one rule at a time and perfect it.

These rules are the basis of Quranic Arabic. The 4 basic rules are:

  • Fatha (A small line placed above the letter to give a short A sound)
  • Qasra (A small line placed below the letter to give a short E sound)
  • Damma (A small curl placed above the letter to give U sound)
  • Sukoon (A small circle placed on any letter to make it silent)
  1. To be able to merge the sounds.

Another practical outcome of learning the Quran for beginners is that it enables the learner to merge the sounds of the letter learned with the rules of movement.

It requires little practice on daily basis to learn how to merge the sounds. Later on, these learned rules will help beginners to recite easily and beautifully.

  1. To perfect your articulation points with Tajweed.

Tajweed is the proper way to recite the Quranic Arabic as it was revealed on our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAWW. so, the beginners especially from the Non-Arab countries face a great deal of difficulty while learning Quran with tajweed as their native accent is quite different from the Arabic accent.

Another constructive outcome of online Quran classes for beginners is the perfection of articulation points of each letter. According to tajweed rules, every letter is uttered from different parts of the throat. So, you need to master this art first.

  1. To be able to join and recite Arabic words.

Once the beginner gets a grip on the utterance of these letters, they will be able to join different letters to make a word. These words are frequently used in Quran. So, another feasible outcome of Quran classes online is the joining of the words and simultaneously moving towards the making of the whole line.

  1. To successfully begin the recitation of the Quran.

The dream of every true believer is to learn to recite Quran beautifully with intonation. This dream can only be fulfilled if the beginners would learn the tajweed, pronunciation, utterance of every single letter of the Quran.

If you will skip this outcome, believe me, you won’t ever learn the recitation with proper rules. 

  1. To achieve the goal of Quran reading.

This outcome of online Quran classes is somehow similar to the previous one but it withholds more depth and specification. For the beginners, Quranic Nazra (reading while seeing the words) might be difficult due to the accent especially if you are Urdu speaking.

So, you need to practice reading a line, a paragraph, a page, or even pages daily to work on your makharij (pronunciation). Only then you would be able to achieve the goal of proper Quran reading.

  1. To practice recitation on daily basis.

Quran isn’t an ordinary book that you can open when you are free. It demands utmost attention, dedication, determination, intention, and focus.

Recitation is said to have deep effects on the souls and softens even the hardest of the hearts. Being a staunch believer, this should be the aim when you are attending Online Quran classes. 

Practicing recitation on daily basis will make you habitual of recitation, perfect in your tajweed, and your passion will surely increase day by day.

  1. To be the one who excels!

According to an authentic hadith, the Quran Hafiz would be asked to RECITE & RISE the stairs of Jannah to elevate your status. If you want to be among these believers you need to begin your Quran classes from the basics. Let’s start memorizing Quran online with one of our amazing Hafiz tutors. 

That is the only way to gradually reach the perfection level that is required for the ones to excel!


Nothing happens overnight! You need to have some patience to be at the top. So, don’t waste your precious time and begin your journey of online Quran classes as a beginner to learn not only the Quranic Arabic, but its Tajweed, meaning, and recitation. May Allah be with you to make the task simple, easy, and pleasurable.