Basic Islamic Knowledge For Kids


Online Quran School is providing Basic Islamic Studies for kids. All Muslims should know about the basics, History, Hero’s of Islam. Online Quran School is helping family who lives in UK, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, and many different western countries where Muslims faces a problem for learning but now doesn’t worry about Islamic education here we are we will provide one on one interactive lesson with you preferable time and tutor. 

Course structure​

Course Outline

How we will teach this course?

we were designed this course for compulsory because being Muslims we should know about our religion. In the 30-minute lesson, we will teach last 5 minutes some important Islamic things. But if you want to your kids should learn 30 minutes this course so also we can manage for you!

After completing this course guaranteed your kids able to understand Islam and also our tutor will teach joyful method kids will love with Islam and will do strong relation with Allah Subhana watala.

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